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We use qualitative research to help you better understand respondentsí perceptions about various industries, products and services.

MAXimum Research, Inc. uses a wide range of multivariate techniques, including:

  • Multiple regression techniques, to assess the importance of multiple independent variables
  • Quadrant Analysis
  • Conjoint analysis and discrete choice analysis, for product design decisions
  • Correspondence Analysis with Line Charts
  • Discriminate analysis, to predict who will buy and assign potential customers to market segments
  • Fair Share Analysis
  • Factor analysis to reduce variables to underlying dimensions
  • Cluster analysis

These methods may be combined with cross-tabulations to help our clients further understand the real respondents behind the numbers since one cannot market to a statistic. Targeting direct marketing may be an exception, but in our experience understanding the people and their motivation is preferable.

Often, we use methods drawn from experimental psychology to complement multivariate techniques or provide more useful answers. These methods are particularly useful in pricing and brand equity projects.

Specific Development Areas Include

Qualitative | Questionnaire Development | Sampling/Sample Management

Mission Statement

"MAXimum Research gives each and every client the personal attention and service they deserve, quickly, accurately and within budget."
- Robert A. Malmud President

MAXimum Research, Inc.

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