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Data Processing


A partnership with MAXimum Research means that any and all of your data processing needs can be accomplished under one roof. Our in-house team will work on your project from beginning to end, ensuring quality data collection and accurate tabulations. The data processing team at MAXimum Research utilizes state of the art software packages that can meet even your toughest requirements.

Data Processing Services Include:

  • Coding of Open End & Other Specify Responses

    • Code list development

    • Coding of collected open ends into tabulated data

    • Positive/Negative Net code creation

  • Nightly Data Accuracy Checks​

    • Spelling & Grammar correction

    • Ensuring verbatims have been fully probed & clarified to actually answer the question asked

    • USPS Address verification

    • Proper E-mail formatting

    • Respondent callbacks for clarification

    • Quota accuracy checks

  • Multi-Mode Programming​

    • Phone & Web completes in the same dataset​

    • Seamless transition between modes, allowing start as phone, end as web

    • Simple to Use Point & Click Survey Questions

  • Toplines/Marginals/Banner Tables​

    • Up to 26 points per banner​

    • Word/Excel Format

    • Significance Testing at Any Level

    • Mean, Median, Min, Max, Standard Error/Deviation scores

    • Summary Rows and Tables

    • Weighted Data/Tabulations

  • Data Exports in Excel, ASCII, SPSS, Delimited Files, and more

  • BYOD - Have data from another vendor? Our team can code & tabulate it for you.​


Our facility is run as a service bureau, so we deal with a wide range of external studies and can conform to each individual project’s needs.

MAXimum Research, Inc. prides itself on having the ability to provide the best customer service possible.

We proudly offer multimodal programming. By using Survox CATI & Web packages, even the most complex questionnaire can be programmed for smooth execution in a timely fashion.

Quality is checked regularly during the fielding process. We check all aspects of your data through listening to call recordings, respondent verification, and real-time monitoring.

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