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Our Phone Room


We maintain a 300+ station telephone interviewing facility and employ more than 500 people. We use the well-known and most versatile interviewing software package available, Survox, created by CfMC. Running Survox allows for complex quota control, centralized data management across modes, operational reports, and flexible sample management capabilities. The software allows for dialing schedules tailored to fit any and all of our clients' needs.

Our experience in telephone interviewing allows us to fully handle all aspects of a project in house. Our phone room of specially trained interviewers, have completed projects in practically every industry, including, Healthcare, Financial, Business-to-Business, Retail, Travel, Telecommunications, Food & Beverage and more. These projects have ranged from customer satisfaction and tracking to positioning, advertising and everything in between.

We have a number of dedicated Inbound phone lines allowing respondents to call in at their most convenient time to complete surveys.

In light of recent FCC Declaratory Rulings and Orders on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), released on July 10, 2015, MAXimum Research, Inc. has invested heavily these past 2 years to ensure TCPA compliance within the call center. Click HERE for more information.

To increase productivity and boost morale, MAXimum Research holds many different contests and incentives for the interviewing staff.

Various awards are given monthly and annually for production, quality, overall performance and tenure.

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