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Besides data collection, MAXimum Research is able to assist you in other market research needs, including:

- Validations
- Email Blasting
- Data Entry
- Database Updating & Scrubbing
- Lead Generation

Project Development

MAXimum Research, Inc. prides itself on thoughtful, creative research design. We can provide you with some examples related to your industry and will discuss other options with you. More generally, we - Ensure a clear understanding of what decisions the research will contribute to and how. For example, often, the market for a product or service is ill defined. - We take the time and effort to work through a precise definition with our client. This results in a research design that not only defines the market more precisely but also meets all other project specific goals. - Select the right method or mix of methods necessary to meet your needs. Work with you to obtain the most productive and cost-efficient sample methodology.

Specific Development Areas Include:

Questionnaire Development | Sampling/Sample Management


All aspects of your project will be performed by MAXimum Research, Inc., under the same roof. Our professional project staff, data processors, programmers, monitors, and quality control team are in constant communication. This ensures that your project will be carried out, as planned, on schedule, and guarantees the integrity of your data.


MAXimum Research, Inc. is experienced in all methods of Data Collection. Our primary methodologies include:

Phone | Web | Multi-Mode

We can also assist you with your In-Depth Projects, like:

Focus Group Recruiting | In-Person | Mail

data collection


Sometimes project design means determining whether an incentive is required.

Our project team can help you decide this, the appropriate amount, and administrate if needed.

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