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Areas of Expertise

Due to our vast client base, we have developed the ability to serve the needs and specifications of various industries. These include but are not limited to:

Advertising | Agriculture | Automotive | Banking | Computer/Internet Technology | Consumer Products | Financial Services | Food/Beverage Services | Healthcare/Pharmaceutical | Legal/Law | TV/Radio/Media | 

Political Polls | Public Relations | Retail/Commerce | Telecommunications | Travel and Leisure | Utilities


We specialize in the following areas:


Consumer | Political PollingB2B | Pharma

Our in-house data collection capabilities offer significant quality control capabilities. We take full advantage of state-of-the-art CATI software packages, known as Enghouse's Survox (formally CfMC), which helps to ensure that the questionnaires are being executed correctly. CATI interviewing guarantees that skips and rotations are followed precisely and interviewer error rates decrease. CATI interviewing allows for timely reports and updates; faster data delivery and tabulations; the ability to program complex algorithms into the survey; & much more.

We provide a practical approach to market research at competitive pricing, while offering the capacity for quick turnaround of large studies and the best customer service.

MAXimum Research is your one-stop  shop to MAXimize your results!

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